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Social Media for Wellness Pros blog picks and pans of the weekI hit the social media marketing blogs hard this week and didn’t watch TV except for Survivor and The Profit (#MarcusLemonisFan). Here’s what stories captured my attention and why I think health and wellness pros should also take note:

  • 3 Diets To Dig Yourself Out Of the Comparison Trap ( – If you want to catch my attention, say “Diet” and I’m all ears. As a long-time dieter and someone who’s working hard to maintain a big weight loss, I’m still a sucker for a new diet. But this post isn’t about a new way to cut calories … it’s the Social Media Diet, and I love blogger Ling Wong’s advice:
    • “You won’t shrivel up and die if you turn off your Facebook group notifications, or stop checking your newsfeed every 15 minutes. Be selective what notifications you receive and the frequency you actively look at your feed. Someone may say – I do my marketing and build relationships on social media, I can’t just drop off the grid.TAKE ACTION: Set boundaries for yourself! Maybe block out 15 min a day to check one Facebook group instead of five each day. Maybe create a list using Twitter tools so you see tweets from people who are relevant and only respond to DMs and mentions. Maybe hire an intern for an hour a day to help you sift through social media stuff and only send you the relevant ones that you need to respond to.” (Me: What do you think? Do you need to be on the Social Media Diet? Even thought I love social media, I think I could stand to “lose a few,” if you know what I mean. Is social media distracting you from spending quality time on your wellness practice? Try limiting yourself to just 15, 30 or even 60 minutes a day one week and see what this does to your overall productivity.)
  • 39 Blogging Tips From the Pros (Social Media Examiner) – This one took me about three attempts to digest, because who has time for 39 tips?!? But SME never fails to disappoint, so I finally made my way through, loved what I read and picked my faves for you:
    • #2: Make an Audio Version of Your Blog Posts – If you’re blogging for your health and wellness biz and have considered adding podcasting, like I have – we’ll both be excited about what this post says podcasting can do for blog traffic: a 2,000% increase! I’ve been wanting to join the podcast revolution and seeing this stat tells me to get going!
    • #5: Make Posts Social – Have you heard of Click to Tweet, an easy way to encourage social-sharing of your content on Twitter? I’m using it for the first time below (ta-da!), and I encourage you to try it, too.
    • #7: Grow Your Email List for Increased Reach – This tip reminded me of the fact I need to give blog visitors more ways to join my Social Media for Wellness Pros list and to try it within a post. Are you making it easy for people to stay connected to your health and wellness blog? (See the last paragraph where I added a subscribe link.)
    • #12: Host and Highlight Influencers and Thought Leaders – I’m all over this one (see my call-to-action at the end of this post). What can you do to showcase other wellness pros and key industry people on your blog? I recently contacted a well-known vegan (I’ll keep her identity quiet until I write my next post), and she was more than willing to be featured on my blog. All it could take is one email, tweet or Facebook post from you to get a VIP connected to your blog.
      #27: Optimize Each Post With Great Images – Are you taking time to choose a picture-perfect images for your posts? As this post says, “Images act as the hook to bring the viewer in deeper!” That’s why I spend time searching for inviting (or funny or unusual) photos to go with each of my posts. The image site,, is my typical starting point because I often find what I need, and 99% of the images are free. (Note: When you search for an image on Pixabay, you’ll see the first few appearing in “Sponsored images” are for purchase. Everything below those are free.)
    • #39: Do a Visual Audit of Your Blog and Optimize Your Visual Content – This is number-one, hands-down favorite tip in the entire post: “Do a regular ‘pin’ audit to see the visuals that pinners are taking away from your site, and get insight into the products, services and content that are resonating with them. Start by typing this URL into your browser: (where url = … this quick check reveals the types of articles being shared via images and infographics.” (Me: Try it. I just did, and it’s super-cool!)
  • 10 New Fonts Will Bedazzle You (PicMonkey blog) – I must admit this is a little light on the hard-hitting social media news front, but … show of hands: who loves PicMonkey? Every other health coach I talk with has either tried it or heard about it, and most who’ve tried it are raving fans. The loveable monkey is in the news this week because it rolled out 10 new fonts. PicMonkey fans, rejoice! Seriously, if you haven’t tried this free image-editing tool to create awesome images for Pinterest or Facebook, give it a go. I guarantee you’ll get hooked, and the images you share will shine (see tip #27 on why this matters).

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I’m interested in profiling health coaches and wellness pros who are doing great things with social media marketing. Are you one of them? Do you know a person I should feature? Contact me and help me spread the word about how health and wellness industry pros gets social, OK? 

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